Friday, December 12, 2008

Guess what? It's almost the year 2009 and I'm already giddy because some very important things will be happening:

Well - at least I hope PR happens - there is some kind of a lawsuit going on, but people, people, let's put our differences aside so that we can all enjoy watching fashion happen. Even if the U.S. Project Runway doesn't happen, I just found out from my friend Katie that this exists:

I will for sure check this out and even some of the other countries' versions too. This is bound to be good entertainment.

So 2009, I welcome you with open arms and to all of you I give you the gift of 2009 - a printable calendar that I found out about from another blog I follow. You just have to sign up for the mibo mailing list and they will let you download and print this CALENDAR. enjoy! I wish you all the best year yet.

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