Friday, October 31, 2008

I am a voter for halloween. No really. I voted today and I have a sticker to prove it.

Where else in the world would you find fairies and clowns and cowboys and living dead creatures and star wars characters standing in line with you as you all cast votes for representatives for your country / state / county?

It's great to be an American.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

here are some flowers I have done for recent weddings:

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Greg's iphone and my iphone met just over a year ago - back when they were all shiny and new. So when Greg's iphone came to town for a visit we decided they needed to go on a hike. This is what they saw:

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This last weekend I went to San Francisco to see Sigur Ros and to hang out with friends there. Danny and I flew out on Friday morning. Our flight was delayed a little so by the time we got to the city we were starving so the first order of business was lunch. We found a nice looking Indian restaurant. The food looked and smelled really good and it actually tasted okay, but soon afterwards we were burping up mediocre Indian food and it was like a rock in our stomachs. This is Danny's "oh no. What did I just do and what is it doing to my body?" look. But we braved the stomach pains and kept walking around shopping and looking at cool buildings like this:

and this:

And then I had reached my limit and I so wanted to purge myself of that food. You want to know the nicest place in San Franciso to purge? This place:

Because it is so beautiful:

And just down this hall is a bathroom clad all in marble and your purging noises can be amplified all throughout the city for all to enjoy:

After recovering we met up with our hosts - Betsy & Steve and then Shawn & Robyn joined us for dinner before the concert:

This is how excited we were that we got to the outdoor theater just in time and Brigham and Dan had saved us some awesome seats and it wasn't raining:

until......the encore performance when the song was starting to build and get louder and suddenly and perfectly on cue the heavens started to pour down in synch with the song and it was a magical moment. And even before it started raining the city was glowing pink behind the theater. It was so beautiful.

In the morning Betsy and Steve made us earn our breakfast by hiking up to Coit Tower. The best part of all was that for the longest time while we were trudging through the city my pants kept falling down and I finally figured out that in order to keep them on they kind of need to be zipped and buttoned. It was a minor wardrobe difficulty but I got it figured it out. I guess it was worth it because there were views like this:

The rest of that day they kept making us eat more and more and I protested during lunch but by dinner time I was able to wolf down some bbq. We went to an art exhibit before dinner and then also visited some girl's house that she is remodeling and I was just a twinge jealous that the architecture in this city is way more interesting than where I live.
Then the day that we left we got to have brunch with the Grovers. Turns out the grovers had been spending time in a grove the day before. That's just like them.

good-bye San Francisco peeps. I love all your guts so much. Thanks for making this trip so much fun!

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