Monday, February 25, 2008

Hi. My name is Judy and I collect pens.

I was at the movies on Friday and I was looking for some lip-gloss. I had a hard time finding any because there were so many things in my purse.

This is what my purse looks like:

Well I started pulling out all the pens because they were tricking me into thinking they might be lip gloss but it became a bottomless pit of pens - like one of those magic tricks when all of the kerchiefs keep coming out. Turns out I was carrying 10 - count 'em 10 pens, 1 pencil and 1 architect's scale:

The funny thing is that earlier that day I was running to a job site and I needed to leave a note for the building owner so I was thinking as I ran out, "Oh shoot. I should have grabbed a pen."

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