Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I was reading through this community education booklet and I was seriously looking for some classes to attend this summer. There were some awesome selections like “Fork Bending” and “Ghostbusting” and “Buttons to Brooches” and there were some normal ones like "Sewing" and "Cooking Indian Food." So I was reading through a few and there was one called “Snack Attack” and I thought “oh cool” and the description read something like “learn how to make snacks for when you get the munchies." and I'm like, "oh yeah- tell me more." and then it said, "Refreshments will be provided in the cost of the tuition" and I'm like, "well yeah- of course." and then it said, "for Mentally Disabled Adults who sign up for this course.”
I was actually looking seriously at signing up for a “special needs” class for Disabled Adults. I didn’t even see the HUGE heading that said “Special Needs” right over the “Snack Attack” title. I just think it would be funny if I accidentally signed up for the class and then I get there and they are making ants on a log and I’m looking around thinking, “wow. I feel like the most advanced student in the class.”

Then just on Friday my friend Emily came over to watch a movie. She was nice enough to bring some treats which included a bag of peanutbutter cups. Not the regular-sized ones, but the miniature kind - the kind that are sized just right to pop the whole thing in your mouth. So we are watching the movie and enjoying snacks and I reach for a peanutbutter cup. I have eaten them before probably hundreds of times so I know they have a wrapper that must be removed. I removed the foil wrapper and then popped the whole thing in my mouth. Then I was chewing and noticed something besides peanutbutter and chocolate in my mouth. Turns out there is also a paper wrapper inside of the foil wrapper. I guess I got so distracted by the movie that I forgot to pay attention to the details and it took chewing for a while to realize that I was actually eating the paper. ah well. fiber.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

behold, I now present:


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