Monday, November 17, 2008

have you seen this show?

It's Pushing Daisies. It comes on abc on Wednesday nights. If you haven't seen it then you are missing out. The word that I would use to best describe this show is "delightful." And that word reminds me of my friend Alina - because she uses it a lot and Alina is also delightful so I guess it all makes sense. So maybe this post is inspired for her. But really anyone and everyone should check this show out. It is so visually stunning. I love that it is different and quirky and cute. I get super scared when I hear that it might get canceled so I thought I would do my part to spread the word to try to keep it alive.

What's not to like? - there is pie, crazy aunts, reviving dead people, a girl named Chuck and cute Ned. If anyone can find me a Ned I will bake them a pie.

*this post is dedicated to my friend Amy - sometimes dreams really do come true

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Steve said...

i love this show! Why do all the good shows get canceled and were left with dancing with the stars?

Kylie said...

Hear, hear Judy!

This is my most favorite show right now. I LOVE Wednesday nights! I usually laugh out loud multiple times while watching Pushing Daisies and "delightful" is definitely the word to describe it. :)

April said...

ha ha, I just posted about this today! I love this show too, but it might be canceled (like all the good ones). has some ways you can help save the show.

wild murdocks said...

Oh, sad. I've been having computer issues and have not seen this post until now. Since we don't have t.v. it seems I've missed out!

not delightful.